Pocket Waifu is a virtual game in which players can choose and befriend beautiful girls. These ‘girls’ are anime characters available in the game. Players interact with these characters as they would with a real life person.

Pocket Waifu

In the hectic life of modern world, many men don’t have a girlfriend or wife. These men can experience the life with a ‘virtual girlfriend’. Each of these characters is unique in their habits and experiences. These girls can cheer the players and provide them with a real-life experience also teaching them how to make a woman happy.

A little Introduction on Pocket Waifu

Waifu is a Japanese word which is used for a fictional character, and Waifu is ,in fact, a female anime character, a sort of a 2D wife or girlfriend.

The game provides different characters and they each come with different characteristics and past experiences. It helps in teaching lessons to make a woman happy. As these characters are very lifelike, players’ efforts can either make them happy or take offence.

Features of Pocket Waifu                         

  • The best feature of the game is the amine characters it provides. When a player have been dating a ”girl” for long, they will reveal their past and might even reveal their feelings for the player.
  • Every character has four basic indicators namely happy, hungry, energy and bathroom.
  • Players can even invite the girls to unlocked room and chat with them.
  • Players can buy outfits for the girl and can get gems and diamonds free.

Bearing in mind that these games might include some adult scenes, they can take away some sense of loneliness and provide a wife in a pocket experience.

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